Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Make an Impact at your Corporate Event Using Photo Booth Rental Services

How to Make an Impact at your Corporate Event Using Photo Booth Rental Services

As companies fight to beat stiff competition, it is important to consider innovative ways to do so without spending a fortune. You can boost your corporate image at your company events in a number of ways. Think about getting photo booth rental Dallas for your function. Photography is one of the things that many companies ignore. They term it as an expense that has a negative effect on the company’s budget.
Nonetheless, there are interesting ways to make photography work for you. Remember, corporate image and identity are important factors as you endeavour to differentiate your company from rivals. Therefore, you need a constant reminder so that clients and their friends remember your name, logo and corporate colors. Once clients accept to associate with your brand, they will push your name to their friends. This cubicle can do that for you effortlessly.

Ask for a customized backdrop with the name of your company and its corporate colors. As guests mingle during or after the event, invite them into the cubicle to take photos with the company leaders or with their friends. Allow them to post the photos immediately on their social media accounts. This ensures speedy transference of information about the function and your brand. As their friends like, comment, tweet, reblog and download those photos, they will learn about your company faster than advertisements would educate masses.
Social media is remarkable in transfer of information. Within a short time, the images will go global. You can even request participants to upload pictures several times during the day. Essentially, as long as the Dallas photo booth rental is accessible throughout the day, you will boost your presence on the internet.
You can even take the process further by uploading pictures to your company’s social media account, and tagging participants. That way, the pictures come from an authoritative source, and friends of participants can link back to your page in case they want to contact you or learn more about your services.
Make the process fun and interactive. Allow participants to get creative in their photography. They will get the urge to share funny and humorous pictures with their friends. Social media pictures such as on Fcaebook are available even years after uploads. Hence, anyone who visits the album will learn about your company. You never know, maybe the photo booth rental service is the miracle you have been waiting for as far as your corporate image is concerned.


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